LOA Daily - 01.13.21

January 13th, 2021

How Will You Respond?

Sarah starts us off with a question for Dean about whether she should
quit her job in order to pursue her gifts.

Both Dean and Walt say the same thing: “Keep pursuing your gifts!” 
Don’t let the question of whether to quit a job interfere with pursuing
the implementation of your gifts. If you pursue it, the answer about
when to quit the job will come to you, and you won’t have any trouble
picking up the sign.

This carries us into a larger question about how to handle the latest
round of craziness going on in the broader society.

First it was Covid.

Then it was the economy.

Then it was race.

Now it’s politics.

Yet through it all, the same answer still applies. Work internally.
Raise your vibration. Change your focus. Go emotionally where it feels
good to go.

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LOA Daily - Feeling Lack

January 12th, 2021

Feeling Lack

A listener named Avi has a question:

“I wanted to ask a question on how to develop abundance mentality. Let
me explain. Feeling lack of, say, money makes us take uninspired actions
like canceling a TV subscription, eating cheaper food, going out less
etc. But doesn’t doing that perpetuate the poor feeling? How can we live
in a way via which we can feel abundant and also live within our means?
Quite complex, but I would appreciate any kind of advice.”

We also address this topic: Does it matter whether we can manifest stuff
without taking action to make it happen?

Those who have downloaded the Android version of the LOA Today app are
urged to delete and reinstall it. We had a slight disagreement with
Google that led to a problem with the original version. Uninstalling and
reinstalling it will clear up the problem. This only applies to Android
users. iPhone users, iPad users, Mac users, and PC users are not affected.

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LOA Daily - Keiko Makarczyk - Animal Intuitive

January 11th, 2021

Keiko Makarczyk - Animal Intuitive

Rita will be back next week. Linda begins by trying to give her insights
to Alyx and Kenny who are concerned about an upcoming court date for Kenny.

Then we get to know Keiko Makarczyk, who tells us her inspiring LOA
story about how she acquired her Alpaca farm in Texas.

She also shares some stories about her own experiences helping both
herself and her animals to heal.

We include a couple of questions from Deborah and Sarah that were sent in.

Deborah asks Keiko about Otto, her Australian cattle dog.

Also, Sarah asked about her pug, Grem, who is having trouble with his
back legs.

We want to reiterate that Keiko is not a licensed vet, and so the
information she shares is educational and not medical.

Keiko can be reached at: https://www.ktmholistichealth.com/

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LOA Daily - Monique Scott

January 8th, 2021

Monique Scott

What a wonderful breath of fresh air Daniel’s latest personal
introduction to our show brings to us today!

Monique Scott is magical, to use Dan’s phrase. We talk about her life a
lot during the episode, and the one word that keeps emerging from the
conversation is “kindness”.

Kindness and love defines Monique’s entire style for interacting with
the world.

She tells us how she learned kindness from her father in 1970s
Louisiana, and that’s not a word that we normally associate with that
state during that time period.

I’m going to make sure we get return visits from Monique.

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Just pick the co-host you want to answer it, and we’ll bring it up with
that co-host.

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LOA Daily - Serenity Sam Lights Up LOA Today

January 6th, 2021

Serenity Sam Lights Up LOA Today

Dean answers a couple of requests for psychic information from Source.

Kenny writes:

“Hey guys, Alyx’s fiancé here again. I’m gonna keep this quick and to
the point. I have court next week and I’m wondering how it will go? Will
I be separated from Alyx for any amount of time?”

Alyx also asked:

“Just checking my voice-mail from the other side wondering if I have any
messages waiting for me.”

Then we welcomed Serenity Sam into the conversation, and once she chimed
in, the show’s electronics started to go bonkers. That’s what happens
when ambient spiritual energy shoots through the roof.

I thought that Fridays were the only days when we got weird things
happening to electronics on the show, but Sam showed up that it can
happen on Tuesdays as well.

You can reach out to Sam at her website: http://www.serenitysam.co.uk/

Send in your questions for Dean to answer as The Military Medium:

LOA Daily - Testing Out Some Talking Points

January 5th, 2021

Testing Out Some Talking Points

Ami can’t make today’s episode, and Louis has Internet issues and gets
delayed for the first 30 minutes of the show.

So Walt decides to take elements of the talk he is putting together for
college students and try out some of the stories here in this episode of
the podcast.

When Louis arrives, he wants to play like it’s a Toastmaster’s meeting
to give Walt feedback about the last parts that he heard, but Walt isn’t
having it.

Walt figures he’ll get more feedback he can handle from when he plays
the segment back for himself.

However. he certainly welcomes feedback from listeners!

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talk) for discussion: https://loatoday.net/listen

LOA Daily - Welcome 2021!

January 4th, 2021

Welcome 2021!

Linda and Walt discuss an Abraham-Hicks email that illustrates the
connection between thought and the creation of new consciousness.

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