LOA Daily - Keiko Makarczyk - Animal Intuitive

January 11th, 2021

Keiko Makarczyk - Animal Intuitive

Rita will be back next week. Linda begins by trying to give her insights
to Alyx and Kenny who are concerned about an upcoming court date for Kenny.

Then we get to know Keiko Makarczyk, who tells us her inspiring LOA
story about how she acquired her Alpaca farm in Texas.

She also shares some stories about her own experiences helping both
herself and her animals to heal.

We include a couple of questions from Deborah and Sarah that were sent in.

Deborah asks Keiko about Otto, her Australian cattle dog.

Also, Sarah asked about her pug, Grem, who is having trouble with his
back legs.

We want to reiterate that Keiko is not a licensed vet, and so the
information she shares is educational and not medical.

Keiko can be reached at: https://www.ktmholistichealth.com/

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