LOA Daily - 01.13.21

January 13th, 2021

How Will You Respond?

Sarah starts us off with a question for Dean about whether she should
quit her job in order to pursue her gifts.

Both Dean and Walt say the same thing: “Keep pursuing your gifts!” 
Don’t let the question of whether to quit a job interfere with pursuing
the implementation of your gifts. If you pursue it, the answer about
when to quit the job will come to you, and you won’t have any trouble
picking up the sign.

This carries us into a larger question about how to handle the latest
round of craziness going on in the broader society.

First it was Covid.

Then it was the economy.

Then it was race.

Now it’s politics.

Yet through it all, the same answer still applies. Work internally.
Raise your vibration. Change your focus. Go emotionally where it feels
good to go.

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