LOA Daily - Serenity Sam Lights Up LOA Today

January 6th, 2021

Serenity Sam Lights Up LOA Today

Dean answers a couple of requests for psychic information from Source.

Kenny writes:

“Hey guys, Alyx’s fiancé here again. I’m gonna keep this quick and to
the point. I have court next week and I’m wondering how it will go? Will
I be separated from Alyx for any amount of time?”

Alyx also asked:

“Just checking my voice-mail from the other side wondering if I have any
messages waiting for me.”

Then we welcomed Serenity Sam into the conversation, and once she chimed
in, the show’s electronics started to go bonkers. That’s what happens
when ambient spiritual energy shoots through the roof.

I thought that Fridays were the only days when we got weird things
happening to electronics on the show, but Sam showed up that it can
happen on Tuesdays as well.

You can reach out to Sam at her website: http://www.serenitysam.co.uk/

Send in your questions for Dean to answer as The Military Medium:

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