LOA Daily - Yes You CAN Be Too Careful

April 8th, 2020

Yes You CAN Be Too Careful

One of the recurring themes that have emerged during the pandemic is the
idea that you can’t be too careful, But Walt takes issue with that
claim, pointing out that when being careful means doing so from a
viewpoint of fear (which most people today are doing), you are
attracting even more reasons to be fearful into your life.

Daniel piles on by talking about some LOA groups he has blocked because
they’ve been broadcasting need-driven, desperate cries for group prayer
for Covid19 victims, noting that the fear they’ve masked behind their
demands are actually counterproductive to what they claim to want to do.

And Alyx puts the cherry on top by saying she just refuses to pay any
attention to any of the negativity.

We also talk about the amazingly powerful kids in our lives and the
roles that they play to teach us amazing stuff.

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