LOA Daily - When The World Falls Apart, Draw In Energy!

July 27th, 2020

When The World Falls Apart, Draw In Energy!

Walt and Linda decide to play a little “virtual Q&A”, and the first
question ends up dominating the show. We took a question posted in a
Facebook Law of Attraction group and answered it on the podcast. The
poster wrote, “I am struggling with accepting our current realities. I
feel like the world is falling apart and people are losing their minds.
The future looks bleak the present is infuriating. I could use some
legit advice to feel more positive than I do.” Linda’s response will
astonish you!

Her response spans a range of aspects of the question, along the way
turning it from a “reality” question into the root “energy” question
that it really is.

The many different possible ways to answer this question take up the
first half hour of the show!

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