LOA Daily - What The Does LOA In ”LOA Today” Really Stand For?

October 20th, 2021

We invent a fun list of possible solutions for the question of what LOA
stands for.

Life Of Abundance
Living Our Abundance
Lots Of Abundance
Love Of Abundance
Law Of Averages
Okay, so maybe we didn’t invent the last one.

But seriously, this contributes to fulfill Walt’s goal of expanding the
show’s “topic” to address all of life and not just the Law of Attraction.

Meanwhile, Jeanine expresses a desire to expand the reach of what she
does as a doulah.

At first, she isn’t sure exactly what she wants, other than she wants it
to be bigger.

But then she demonstrates live how to take the seed of an idea about a
passion in life and flesh it out to become a bigger and better desire.

Cool stuff!


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