LOA Daily - Warrior Rule #2: When you master your mind, you learn to master your life

April 27th, 2021

We start off this week trying to remember what each of us asked for last
week as part of the show’s ongoing series of manifestation experiments,
and once again we each got what we asked for.

Louis asked for a sauna, and he got it, just not in the way he expected.
He got sick immediately after last Monday’s episode, then used a sauna
to get well. He describes the experience as a new, high-level energy
that was more he felt like he could describe.

Ami asked for a new book and got it. It’s by a friend of hers, a fellow
author who has been mutually supportive with her.

And Walt asked for something more on the castle side than on the button
side … and got it! It’s too much to go into, in part because it’s still
developing, but he described it as money that was “left on the table”.

This led us directly into the central theme of Ami’s Warrior Rule #2.

Ami’s blog post on this subject is here:

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