LOA Daily - Virtual Q&A

July 20th, 2020

Virtual Q&A

This is where we take a post on Facebook that was posted by someone who
was looking for help in an LOA group and answer it as if they had asked
us the question here on the podcast.

We start with a question posted by a guy who was looking for advice on
how to settle a disagreement with his wife about whether to buy a house
or keep money in the bank.

The many different possible ways to answer this question take up the
first half hour of the show!

Linda also ends up drawing some cards that are so tight to exactly what
we were talking about at the moment they were drawn that you’d think
she’d looked through the decks one card at a time to find them … but she

Plus Rita gives us an update on her experiments with the Heart Math
equipment and app. Walt is so impressed that he’s thinking about giving
it a try himself.

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