LOA Daily - The Stream Of David Tackles Victimhood

August 19th, 2020

The Stream Of David Tackles Victimhood

Walt notes that we didn’t have many questions this week, but as it turns
out we really didn’t need many. In fact, we needed there to be as few as
possible because of the nature of the first question.

After touching on meditation practices with David and Daniel, David
connected to The Stream, whereupon The Stream answered a question from
Eliza. Her daughter was sexually abused by her own father, and Eliza is
having a hard time getting her head around the whole idea that her
daughter might have attracted such a heinous event.

The Stream then spent the next 40 minutes going into great detail about
this very troubling topic.

Chuck and Russ lighten things up a bit with their questions about
quantum mechanics afterward, but this episode will be remembered most
for Eliza’s heartrending question.

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