LOA Daily - The Stream Of David Joins LOA Today!

July 15th, 2020

The Stream Of David Joins LOA Today!

We welcome David Strickel and The Stream to the podcast as a regular
contributor, and we get off to a fabulous start.

We begin with a question from a listener. Avi sent this question in. He
said, “Hello Walt, I am a daily listener to your podcast. I was
wondering if you could discuss the following topic for me: ‘Political
leaders and there tendency to repress ideas which goes against them or
their government. For example, in my country there are strict laws on
freedom of expression on social media (Facebook). How to maintain
alignment in such conditions?’ Thanks so much. Regards, Avi”

The Stream replies with a great piece of wisdom about how things fall
apart and that it’s a good thing that they do. Their answer really gives
an entirely different perspective on government troubles.

Louis de Souza, my Monday co-host, joins us next to engage The Stream in
a fascinating and “juicy” (to use Dan Mangena’s term) discussion about
the nature of humans within the context of their non-physical aspects of

Listeners are invited to send their own questions for The Stream to
answer, because they’re going to be joining us each Tuesday from now on.
It’s going to be fun!

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