LOA Daily - The Roseto Effect

December 15th, 2020

The Roseto Effect

We begin by addressing a question from Sarah about hypnosis.

Then we dive deep into our main topic. Roseto, Pennsylvania was founded
by Italian immigrants to America in 1912, and it ended up providing
something of a mystery for the medical field in the mid-1950s and 1960s
because, despite the fact that they did everything wrong from the
perspective of modern medicine in terms of eating properly and taking
care of themselves, the entire town managed to have the lowest rate of
heart disease and heart attacks of any town in the nation.

This happened at time when heart attacks were the #1 killers in the
country each year.

When researchers investigated, they found that it was the
community-driven mindset of the residents themselves that produced this
and other remarkable medical results. That drives the conversation among
the three of us on today’s show.

After asking all of the 1,600 residents of the small town hundreds of
questions each on topics regarding diet, lifestyle, exercise, career,
etc., researchers from the University of Oklahoma concluded that their
remarkable health was due primarily to having retained their old-world
cultural values of community and cooperation.

This happened despite the fact that they ate high-carb,
high-cholesterol, high-fat diets, smoked cigars, drank sometimes to
excess, worked high-stress jobs, and basically did everything “wrong”
from the modern perspective!

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