LOA Daily - The Money Game Update

January 22nd, 2021

The Money Game Update

Walt updates everyone about how he completed Phase 1 of Dan’s ebook, The
Money Game, on Tuesday when he got not one but two unexpected sums of
money in the mail..

The first was just an envelope addressed to Walt but with no return
address. When he opened it up, a $20 bill fell out. There was no note.

He told Louise about this surprising event. She asked if it counted
toward The Money Game, but it doesn’t because Walt’s “edge” at that
stage was $110.

So they laughed about it and moved on with their lives.

This led Walt to open the second envelope in the mail, which contained a
check from Toyota about a car lease he had turned in a year before. It
contained a check for $249.97.

Two in one day!

This set his new edge to $250. In Phase 2 he’s supposed to increase his
edge by 20% each time, so his new edge is now $300.

We also go through a list of positivity activities that listener Deborah
sent to us and added our own items to the list.

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