LOA Daily - The Main Difference Between Abraham and The Stream of David

November 18th, 2020

The Main Difference Between Abraham and The Stream of David

Listener Deborah sends in a question that really gets the conversation
going today. She writes:

I am very much enjoying all of the podcasts, but I’m also finding
confusing the different approaches to LOA.

I find that I very much follow all that Louis says, maybe because he’s
more of a classic “Abrahamster”. I love his stories, such as the Jaguar
purchasing story.

I know I should go with what resonates, but I’m also really interested
in what the other presenters have to say, and I feel there’s a lot to
get out of all of them. You’ve created a great line up!

So to get down to a few specifics, there seems to me to be an inherent
discrepancy between what David was saying about transgressor
energy/demons & what Abraham says about not focusing on the negative,
that in fact you don’t have to go back and work through anything as it’s
a bottomless pit. Indeed they refuse to even let the “hot seaters” tell
their negative stories or argue for their restrictions, as Abraham would

Am I maybe misunderstanding something here, or are they simply two very
different approaches?

After David elaborates on the similarities and differences between
Abraham and The Stream, he brings The Stream into the conversation.

Walt asks the following questions on behalf of listeners.

Sarah asks:

Even though time doesn’t really exist, I’m curious: is the shift of
vibrational flow from a relatively high vibe to a relatively low vibe
and then up again something we go through in a matter of minutes, hours,
days or weeks?

And Jim asks two questions:

On David’s podcast from October 4th 2018 you said that you have been
physical but are no longer physical. That you are “too powerful for
that”. Can you please explain why you are too powerful to be physical?
And can you tell us in linear time, the when the last time you were

And from a silly vibration: What is your reply when someone says, “If
you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans”? Do you laugh? Can
David make the sound of your laugh so we can all know what that sounds like?

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