LOA Daily - The Higher Heart Chakra

November 23rd, 2020

The Higher Heart Chakra

Rita shares some detailed information about the higher heart chakra, and
it becomes evident right away that this “minor” chakra center is
actually major to everyone who aspires to be a conscious creator.

Also, we once again invite listeners who want to be a part of our
Thanksgiving Rampage of Gratitude show to give us 3 to 5 reasons why
they’re feeling grateful this year. We’re going to take everyone’s
contributions to the project and mash them all together into a giant
show chock full of gratitude and appreciation. To be a part of it, just
visit https://www.loatoday.net/gratitude where you can use your phone to
record your own contribution for that Thanksgiving episode.

Listener questions for this episode included:

Anonymous asked:

Can you please answer my question addressed to anonymous and not mention
my email or anything? My mom suggested this and listens to your show and
don’t want her to know it’s me 🙂 My question is- do I salvage the
relationship or do I end the relationship? Thanks so much!!

Jeanine asked:

Please do you see what might be going on with my mother’s health? What
organ should we focus on? The doctors don’t know what’s going on with
her. Thank you so much for your help!

Keiko asked:

Hi Rita, Linda and Walt, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer
my question. I teared up as I listened to it. It’s funny that I felt
that I don’t deserve to get my question answered because I’m not worthy.
Rita was spot-on that I often feel guilty for no reason. It was
surprising that my weight/body image issue come from my past life. Yes,
I know it’s all connected. Thanks for the advice!!! Do you think I can
release it without seeing hypnotherapist? Thanks!

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