LOA Daily - The Heart Math Experiment

July 13th, 2020

The Heart Math Experiment

Rita tells us how she took the plunge and started experimenting with the
Heart Math equipment to learn how to get into “heart coherence” more
often and to experience the benefits of the coherence.

She has only been experimenting with it for a week, but we can tell that
she’s really getting into it.

Walt also shares info about the fact that the LOA Today app for iPhones,
Androids, and iPads is now out and available for download in the Play
and App stores on the respective devices.

The conversation then shifts to the overall consciousness and energy
shift going on planetheartco-wide these days, with different levels of
higher consciousness being explored both consciously and unconsciously
by people everywhere, even those who don’t know anything about LOA and
our conception of spiritual energy.

Linda and Rita point out that duality and “separateness” are beginning
to fade among us humans.

There is also a discussion about struggle and victimhood, but even here
the news is largely good as people are getting more and greater
opportunities to climb out of those dark places.

Linda then draws a card from one of her many decks and it’s the “reach
out” card, immediately after we have a discussion about sending love and
reaching out to people we encounter in our every day lives.

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