LOA Daily - The Art of Believing, by Neville Goddard, Chapter 5

June 6th, 2019

The Art of Believing, by Neville Goddard, Chapter 5

Great chapter! We discover that Neville was actually about 75 years ahead of his time in describing fiber optics! Of course, that wasn’t his intent at the time, but nevertheless …

He speaks about being able to transmit thoughts over great distances, regardless of the space involved, and he talks about doing so via beams of light, which is exactly what fiber optics do.

We also discuss Neville’s presentation about the nature of subconscious assumptions and all of the ways that they can actually hinder us from manifesting what we want most.

There’s a great quote from this chapter, “Heaven is your subconsciousness. Not even a sunburn is given from without. The rays without only awaken corresponding rays within. Were the burning rays not contained within man, all the concentrated rays in the universe could not burn him.

We will finish this chapter next week and then dive into Chapter 6.

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