LOA Daily - Summit Trifecta

May 24th, 2021

Neo Positivity, Spirituality Gone Wild, and the Dare To Prosper Challenge are three LOA summits happening this week, and we talk about them on the show today.

We also talk about the importance of working on yourself and kick around some of our favorite ways to do exactly that.

We get a brief report on how astrophysicists have discovered that gravity doesn’t actually work the way they thought it would and how data can apparently transmit faster than the speed of light!

We also talk about the work of Professor Emoto in Japan, who has repeatedly demonstrated the power of emotions to directly affect the molecular structure of water.

The Dare To Prosper Challenge: https://thedaretoprosperchallenge.com

The Neo Positivity Summit: https://www.neopositivity.com/

The Spirituality Gone Wild Summit: https://sgwcafe.heysummit.com/

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