LOA Daily - Special Guest: Chief Harold Peck Jr.

January 13th, 2020

Special Guest: Chief Harold Peck Jr.

Chief Harold Peck Jr, retired after five tours of duty with the U.S.
Army, joins us on the show to share his remarkable experience of hitting
rock bottom and then soaring again out of the ashes like a phoenix.

After leaving the army, his wife divorced him, his son died under tragic
circumstances, and his mother also died, all within a very short period
of time. Things got so bad for him that he repeatedly pantomimed
committing suicide by sticking a gun in his mouth.

On one particular occasion, something happened which he has trouble
describing to this day, but whatever it was, it helped him turn his life
around. In the process, he came to acknowledge and accept the “woo woo”
stuff his ex used to be so fascinated about.

Today, his passion is a YouTube show that he does weekly in which he
reaches out to other ex-military people in order to help them deal with
their own demons.

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