LOA Daily - Some Good Coronavirus News For A Change

March 27th, 2020

Some Good Coronavirus News For A Change

It had to happen eventually. Today we got word from the Imperial College
London that their previous projections for massive infection and death
rates were … well … wrong.


Yes, Neil Ferguson, the infectious disease expert from Imperial College
London admitted today that his model for projecting virus infection and
death rates was wrong and that the actual numbers would end up being a
very small fraction of the original projections.

This does not in any way diminish the fact that so many lives have been
lost, but it’s also welcome news to a planet that had been hoarding
toilet paper and other goods in total fear of what was coming. Now, we
can breathe free again.

Also, a Swiss doctor who researched the situation in Italy reported
that, contrary to what the major media have been reporting, nearly
everyone succumbing to the disease were elderly with multiple
preexisting conditions of one kind or another. No great surprise, but it
does further undercut the claims of the doom-and-gloomers.

We also exhibit much of the usual silliness found on the Thursday show.
Also, Walt tells a story about a family with 13 kids that he knew many
years ago, and he speculated about what it must be like today for
similarly large families to be in lockdown together these days.

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