LOA Daily - Self Care And Self Love When Fear Rises

August 12th, 2021

Walt lives in Connecticut, which is a state with one of the highest
Covid vaccination rates in the country. The state has been mask-less for
nearly three months now. He went into a Walmart the other day, and an
employee by the door offered him a mask. This caught him by surprise.
Had the governor changed the standing orders and he hadn’t heard about
it? No, she was just offering the mask in case he wanted one.

That’s the moment that he realized that The Fear is on the rise again.

So today we discuss self-care amid rising fear.

The entire episode is fantastic as Cindie and Jacqui tag-team with one
fabulous method or technique after another.

But the culmination comes at the end when Cindie tells the story of
someone who used mirror exercises for the first time with some
absolutely stunning results.

Make sure you listen to the end of this episode!

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