LOA Daily - Rita Gigante: The Godfather’s Daughter

March 30th, 2020

Rita Gigante: The Godfather's Daughter

Linda brings a very special guest to join us today. Rita Gigante didn’t
exactly grow up in the American Dream household, because her father was
Vinny Gigante, the head of the notorious Genovese crime family in New
York City.

But from very trying early beginnings she grew up to become a psychic
medium and energy healer who has developed tremendous skills in the area
of light and energy work.

Over the past fifteen years, Rita has dedicated herself wholeheartedly
to body work and spiritual healing. Although her journey as a healer
began in her youth, Rita first studied Massage Therapy at The Swedish
Institute and graduated in 1995. Her interest grew while practicing
massage therapy, and drove her to learn more about the composition of
the human body. She earned her bachelors degree from William Paterson
Uniersity in Science with a concentration in Exercise Physiology in 2001.

In 2003, Rita first shared her knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology,
Swedish and Medical massage, and Applied Energetics with the students of
the Institute of Therapeutic Massage, where she has been teaching since.
She loves the connections she forms with her students while relating her
experiences in spiritual guidance, which has moved her to lecture over
the past 12 years on topics such as Crossing Over, Chakras, Energy and
Auras, Angels, and Dream Interpretation.

In 2005, Rita co-owned and operated a healing center called Nature’s
Remedy in Wayne, New Jersey. Rita practiced various massage techniques
such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Integrative which
included energy balancing. She also gave seminars on various topics such
as Chakras, The Secret and Crossing Over.

Above all, Rita is an intuitive healer that specializes in spiritual
counseling and holistic health. She also is gifted in Intuitive and
Angel readings as well as sound therapy. She is an avid learner, and has
certifications in Reiki 2, infant massage and sound therapy (tuning
forks). Rita has also studied various healing modalities such as
mediumship with Eamonn Downey of the Arthur Findlay College in England .
Overall, Rita has dedicated herself to using her intuition and the
knowledge she has acquired in her life to connect and help others
achieve health, balance, closure, and peace, as well as helping them
discover their soul’s unlimited potential.

In 2003, Rita had the opportunity to experience the healing essence of
John of God, from Brazil at the Omega Institute in Rhinbeck, NY. She was
amazed at the power of group healing and was inspired to form a group of
her own called The Collective Healing Network.

Today, Rita works at her new office in Tappan, NY alongside her wife
Bobbie, RN. She specializes in massage, preventative energetic therapy,
intuitive healing, spiritual counseling and intuitive/Angel readings.

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