LOA Daily - Religion And Spirituality As Imagination

September 30th, 2020

Religion And Spirituality As Imagination

After we ask David to talk a bit about his experience as a corporate
trainer training commissioned sales people, David puts on his Stream hat
and answers questions about how we as humans interact with source energy.

Jim asks, “Can it be the case that we come to physical seeking more
expansion and thus more difficult life and then come again seeking less
expansion and thus less difficult life? Or when we come again are we
always coming back for a more difficult life? Or how does the level of
difficulty in a life interplay with the realities we are experiencing in
other environments simultaneously. I am trying to understand how I could
be living a life of less contrast compared to so many and yet find my
way to your teachings. I recognize my ego is judging more expansive vs
less expansive experiences and judging myself. Yet again tangled beliefs
to sort out. Thanks for blessing us with wisdom.”

Karla asks, “When you are not channeling through David, what do you do?
When David is not channeling, do you still provide him instruction or is
that some other consciousness? If David needed immediate assistance,
like a “miracle,” could you or would you assist? Can you channel through
other humans or are you exclusive to David?”

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