LOA Daily -Reconnecting With Joel Elston About Social Connectedness

February 18th, 2021

Monique Scott is caught up in the rolling blackouts in Houston today, so
she’ll be back next week.

However, losing Monique for a day has also turned into a blessing in
that Joel Elston revisits us for a day.

Walt and Joel talk about the core topic Walt plans to address with his
new public speaking career: building self-love and increasing social

We start off talking about the tremendous fall off lately in Covid cases
and share some rosy predictions about not only where Covid is going but
also what some of the positive fallout from the pandemic is proving to be.

We also talk about the extremely serious levels of mental illness going
on among America’s young people today, and Joel gives us a fascinating
look at his view about how interpersonal connection has been largely
replaced by the Instagram virtual world.

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