LOA Daily - Q&A with The Stream of David

July 29th, 2020

Q&A with The Stream of David

We bring The Stream listener questions this week that came to us
primarily via the LOA Today app! The app is quickly becoming the go-to
place to ask The Stream a question to be answered live right on the program.

The first question was for David himself from Karla: “Could you detail
how you manifested a car as a teenager? How were you introduced to the
Law of Attraction, and what motivated you to use it?”

The next question came from Chuck: “I just listened to this week’s
episode with The Stream. I am still curious about individuals who come
here to live very short lives like in the example of stillborn children.
If we choose at the soul level what level to experience the human
experience, then what is gained from those who do not complete a
physical birth. Is their sole purpose to influence the life of the
potential birth mother in some way, or is there something of benefit to
the soul of the stillborn child receives as well? And if so can the
Stream give an example of what their soul gets from the experience?”

Louis asked, “Is the world really flat for flat earthers and round for
round earthers? ”

And the final listener question came from Lorell who asked, “What does
Abraham think of Earthing or grounding? It is supposed to correct the
blood and make it flow better for healing. Could this simple act be the
turning point for this [corona]virus? Imagine the I.C.U. patients with a
grounding pad. What could it hurt? All those people that headed to the
beaches kicked off their shoes. I’m hoping this could be our saving grace.”

You can ask a question for The Stream to answer as well live on our show.

Use the new built-in form in the app for asking The Stream your
question, and we’ll get back to you to let you know in which episode
your question gets answered.

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