LOA Daily - Q&A With The Stream Of David

August 12th, 2020

Q&A With The Stream Of David

The Stream tackles some listener questions that all focus on very much
the same topic: appreciating that which we don’t like. It’s a much more
advanced topic than what we usually hear in these kinds of
conversations, but that reflects just how advanced our listeners really are!

The questions included:

Will the Covid situation ever change or has our world changed forever
with Covid among us?
How can we help someone we love to heal?
Has my meditation practice deepened?
How much energetic impact can one individual alone have on the human
collective by shifting their vibration?
Are triggers good things? Revealing the lower vibrations that can be
workedon to raise?
How can one be centered in the troubled world where we live?
Plus, Daniel hears from two listeners who wrote in telling of their
experiences applying his e-book, The Money Game, in their lives. The
Money Game is available as part of the LOA Today app for free! One of
the listeners who wrote in told us that on her first attempt to manifest
a small amount of money, she ended up manifesting $500! On her first try!!!

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