LOA Daily - Psychic Q&A

August 3rd, 2020

Psychic Q&A

Starting this week we begin a series of Q&A sessions on Fridays where
listeners get to ask questions of a psychic nature of a resident
psychic, Rita Gigante, and our listeners give us some really great
material to start with.

Jenny from our livestream audience asked about removing clutter.

Jeffrey asked a few questions about giving energy to heal the world.

And Joshua commented on the discussion about what it’s like to receive

Psychic Q&A will be an ongoing feature, so if you want to ask Rita a
question to answer as a psychic, use the LOA Today app to send your
question to Walt, and he’ll make sure to ask Rita your question and let
you know on which episode your question gets answered!.

Download the LOA Today app by visiting: https://www.loatoday.net/subscribe

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