LOA Daily - Psychic Q&A With Rita - 08.17.20

August 17th, 2020

Psychic Q&A With Rita

First, we announce that Linda’s video course, High Vibe Living, has been
added to the app. Woo hoo!

Then we get to the questions, and Rita is right on, as usual.

Andrea asks, “My clutter and weight issues seem to be connected. I get
to a certain weight and then stay stuck. I have more weight to lose, and
I want to let go of stuff, but I stay stuck. I have more stuff to let
go….any insights and suggestions?”

Alyx asks, “Am I with the right doctors? Are the doctors on the right
track? Will my surgery solve the problem? What is causing the pain?”

Denise asks, “My partner passed away a few years ago, and I am wondering
if I will have a boyfriend or husband in the future? It’s been pretty
lonely since he’s been gone.”

Daniel and Ashley write, “My question is open-ended. Is there anything
we need to know from the other side, anything anyone wants us to know?
I’ve been working on finding my passion, and my wife has been struggling
with health issues. Thank you! Love the show keep up the good work!”

Chuck asks, “I’ve never been in a long term relationship. Does spirit
see this happening in my life soon? Is there something I’m holding onto
that’s not allowing this area of my life to be fully realized, or does
spirit see me being single for the majority of this lifetime?”

Linda’s friend, Steven asks, “Will I be able to get back into a good
relationship with my brother, “J” and the rest of his family?”

Donna wants to know, “How can I quit smoking? Can a good hypnotist
really help me quit smoking I tried everything else several times thank
you very much.”

Jen sends a long message: “I’ve manifested some major positive life
changes in the past 18 months. What do you see for me as far as love and
marriage finding me? I’m focusing on believing and feeling it and having
no resistance. I’m a single mom, and my 18 year old, Jenna, has just
moved to college. She is an awesome young lady who has felt the
successes of overcoming situations instead of letting them control her,
including three major health issues. What do you see for her in this
next stage in her life? Thank you for shining your light and love
through this show. I’ve been listening for about a year now and used to
have a 4 hour daily drive before my move. Your show allowed me to use
that time to create some major quality of life improvements and the
manifestation of some very lofty goals. I love the addition of Rita to
his team. Keep on spreading your light.”

Amy says, “Love all of you. I’m learning things late in life. So glad
that I have found you. Rita, I am learning so much. I have been working
on myself a lot in the last few years. I love my husband but he doesn’t
get any of this. Sometimes I feel like he’s holding me back, but that is
about me, I realize. Will I be able to keep growing stronger and gain
more insight and still be with him as I grow? He is not ready or
accepting of these insights. Thank you.”

Karla asks, “Should I go on my summer vacation? I’m having doubts.”

Kenneth wants to know, “Will I get my unemployment back?”

Alyx asks, “Will my financial situation improve in the near future? And
will The Grass Is Greener podcast be worth continuing?”

Jeffrey asks, “Can you tell me how the energy work that I have done will
it evolve into the future?”

Nashia asks about her prospects for love, career, and her future.

The answers Rita gives may surprise you!

If you have a question that you would like Rita to address with the help
of Spirit, use the LOA Today app to send it.

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