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August 31st, 2020

Psychic Friday

Rita answers listener questions about a husband who got laid off (made
redundant); a listener who was laid off and ended up starting his own
business, but none of his sales have closed yet; a listener whose late
husband is helping her to look for love; another listener with a sinus
condition; a fearful business owner; a listener with a whole collection
of ailments; a spirit photographer who wants her photos to come out
sharper; a question from a livestreamer about a sick mom; and a listener
who had a dream where no one is wearing masks. We also outline new ways
for you to get your questions answered, with particular emphasis on
listeners who haven’t had a chance to ask a question yet!

Use the LOA Today app to send your question. Download and install it,
then click on the Goodies link to find the Ask A Question form.

Jeanine writes:

Hello Walt & Psychic Rita! I want to thank you and Rita and I want to
share what happened Friday while I was listening to the podcast. This is
a perfect example of how one person can ask a question and the answer
can be for others as well. A month ago my mother made an emergency visit
to the hospital (with nausea and vomiting) where the doctors discovered
from a scan that she had cirrhosis of the liver. Her general physician
urged her to see a gastroenterologist, who told her that her liver
probably has been failing for a while. He then sent her to a liver
specialist, who ordered an MRI and labs. Note that at least 3 sets of
professional eyes had seen that scan and all said there was a problem
with her liver. She wondered if she had cancer (she’s a nurse herself
who had to leave nursing herself due to poor health) and believed this
was her wake-up call. She received the results of the labs and the 2nd
MRI on Friday and both came back showing a perfectly healthy liver. We
were baffled by the results and really not feeling settled because of
such a discrepancy between the two scans. Fast forward a couple of hours
and I’m outside watering, listening to your podcast, when you read the
letter from Maureen to Psychic Rita. My mother’s name is Maureen. The
writer asked Rita if she had cancer, and I really appreciated how Rita
handled the answer. Thank you to Rita because you told my mother the
words she needed to hear (some of the same words my mother has used
herself), that it’s not too late to heal herself, that this is a wake up
call, and that she now needs to do the work. Psychic Rita you have 2 new

Anne-Marie asks:

Rita, I’m loving listening to you on the show, you’re so interesting and
honest. I have a question if you would be kind enough to answer. My
husband has been made redundant from his job. Now that the shock is
wearing off, we are viewing it as a positive. This change has massive
impacts for our lives. I wondered what you saw for us please? Lots of
love to you, and thank you for sharing your gift.

Russ asks:

My company was closed in June, and I lost my job. I then started a new
company almost immediately dealing with many of the same clients. The
potential contracts are high dollar, but the process moves very slowly.
It has great potential, but I have yet to close a deal!

Meanwhile my savings are dwindling. My spirit guides have been helping
me, and I have identified a “fear of lack” that is also generational. I
am also married to a wonderful woman that says she knows LOA but does
not practice it. She is terrified about running out of money and would
rather that I got a “real job”.

I meditate, get my vibe up, and then I see her fear and uncertainty, and
I crash down! Advice from the spirit realm please!!

Denice writes:

There is a fellow in the camp ( mine) that I work at, that I really
like. He gives me butterflies and goosebumps every time I see him or am
around him. We are good friends. Would this by chance be the one that my
husband is sending me?

I think about him all the time an I am pretty sure he likes me as well.

Thank you,


Andrew writes:

Hello, I am loving the app and form. My question is what type of healing
should I pursue for my sinus / health condition that has gotten worse
this year? I have gone to alternative and regular doctors, but I am now
looking for true healing of my condition. This year has been a
challenge. Andrew also notes that he previously asked how one can stay
centered in these troublesome times.

Liliana writes:

I’d love to ask [Rita] about my business. I’ve been very stuck and not
growing, because I’m not showing up and doing the work. But don’t know
why! I think I have fear in some way that I just do not take action.

Helene writes from Facebook:

Why is my fatigue so bad?I have spinal stenosis, arthritis, a pinched
nerve, COPD, asthma, and a few more ailments

Pat asks two questions:

  I am a spirit photographer trying to start my book. (Finances are huge
problem.) I see ancestors in trees, rocks, cementery stones, and I also
read faces. I would love Rita’s insight into what type of camera I
should buy, since my photos currently are not clear enough for my book?
When my Mom passed, I found a photo that led me to ask a you-tuber whom
we will call K.K. if we had a past life together. We did, and she and I
remain in contact. Like Linda, K.K.’s purpose in life is to bring light
to humanity. She is in her 50’s. Recently, she had a detached retina,
and she wants confirmation about her healing. What do you see?
Josie asks:

Twice this week I have had a dream where my I kept forgetting my mask
when going to the store, yet nobody else was wearing masks. What do you
think this dream means?

Chuck writes:

Thanks you, Rita, and Linda for my question being answered on the last
Psychic Friday. Again, Rita’s assessment were dead on. I have a lot of
anxiety around job hunting, and honestly I had hoped to never have to do
it again. Hopefully this time coming will be the last, as I will use my
LOA toolbox to make it a job that I’ll never want to leave.

Finally, I have an idea for discussion. Could Rita and Linda go into
more detail on how to break behavior patterns. I’ve heard it mentioned
several times when listeners have asked questions about dealing with
household clutter or losing weight etc. Rita and Linda have mentioned
that there’s an emotional cause to why we become stuck in various
behaviors, but I would love a more in-depth conversation on how we can
change patterns when we find that they are no longer benefiting to us.

Nashia asks:

My mother isn’t well. I wonder what’s wrong with her?

With more and more listeners sending questions in, we’re finding it
harder to get everything into one hour. This is wonderful, but it also
creates a problem.

So going forward, if you send more than one question, let us know which
one is the priority. If we have time to get the extra question(s) in, we

Also, we will try to feature questions from listeners who have not
previously asked questions. So if you haven’t sent a question in yet,
rest assured that we will make your question a priority!

Finally, if we can’t get to all of your questions, consider hiring Rita
for a half hour session. You can use the LOA Today app to reach out to
her, and she’ll schedule a time with you. She is currently offering it
at a special price: $50 for a 30 minute session!

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