LOA Daily - Psychic Friday

August 24th, 2020

Psychic Friday

Rita gets some testimonials today from some of last week’s listeners
whose answers really helped them.Al

Alyx wrote in to say:

“So update read out was correct about everything so far 1st off Kenny
got his unemployment back today. Surgery is canceled or postponed for
now due to the fact that there was pain between my shoulder in my
stomach as of yesterday. I somehow popped A lung I don’t know how I did
it or what happened they don’t know what causes it but they had to
cancel my surgery for today so now I actually have time to get the 3rd
opinion about my hysterectomy. I just wanted to let Rita know how
grateful I am that she took the time to talk to me and help me and Kenny
out. And just to reiterate again she was correct so if anyone has any
questions about whether she is legit or not tell them talk to me.

Daniel and Ashley chimed in:

“Thank you so much for sharing our question with Rita. We really enjoyed
it! Ashley (having never heard Rita, or much of the show) said she
basically fell in love with Rita and her personality instantly. (

“Music was a big part of my life for a long time. What I got out of this
interaction was before, I was feeling like I was lost and wandering
trying to follow my passion, not knowing what it was and actually
thinking I couldn’t feel it and now I know I was just overthinking it.
Thinking it should be just ONE thing and that it should be obvious.
Since processing what Rita said I’ve come to realize that I was already
following my passions. Basically if I feel like writing I’ll write and
if I feel like playing guitar or writing a song I’ll do that when I feel
inspired to do so. Now having started listening to the stream of David
podcast some, I can see a cyclical element to my being inspired and
interested in one thing and then losing interest and doing something
else as a cycle of contrast and then manifestation. Just like when we
are in non physical and get bored so we decide to seek contrast and
start the physical cycle again.

“When I wrote to you, we didn’t have an answer from the doctors that we
were waiting for. We got one last week and Ashley is starting a new
prescription and I know she will be all about a new mindset. She is
great with that kind of stuff. One thing she really liked was when Rita
said “they have a lot of help from the other side”. We always knew it
but it felt really good to have the words said out loud and get that

Chuck added:

Thank you again for asking my question on yesterday’s show. Also thank
you to Rita, Linda, and yourself for the response. I literally laughed
out loud, when Rita said that I loved my freedom. It wasn’t the answer I
expected, but man was that right on the money. I am so glad that I found
your podcast!! I have mentioned and will continue to mention it to all
of my friends who are into LOA. It absolutely helps to keep me on that
high flying disc, and often times, I find that events in my daily life
will sync up with various discussions on the show. I love when that
happens, because makes the show resonate with me on a deeper level.

Chuck gave us our first question for the week as well.

Does spirit see conditions there improving for me any time soon? I have
great benefits, I work for caring people, I have pension, and it’s the
highest paying job I’ve ever had. But for a while, technology issues and
a drastically increased workload have just been a lot to bear. Do things
improve in the near future, or would I be better off finding somewhere
else to work?

Then Rita plowed on with a whole bunch of additional questions while
Linda provides additional support with her insights and knowledge as a
energy coach.

Denise asked a question last week about whether she would get a new
partner after her husband’s death.

New question: I am wondering if I will be well off in the future so I
can retire?

Maureen asked:

Do I have cancer?

(*Disclaimer: Rita, Linda, and Walt are not medical professionals. The
advice given here should be taken as information from Spirit and not
medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult a medical

Regina, Linda’s client, asked:

What do you see happening if I were to cut ties with my Mom and not
continue to assist her as she doesn’t appreciate my help and pretty much
refuses it in some apsects? It’s very draining, and I don’t think I can
keep it up.

Lili had two questions for Rita this week:

Will I ever lose the extra weight I’ve been carrying around. I just am
not able to connect the emotional reason.
Also, will I continue to be with my boyfriend I have lived with for the
past 5 years. He is a good man but I feel my pattern is to settle and
not wait for my perfect match or the man I deserve?
Karla also had two questions:

I would like to advance quicker in LOA, could you advise on what is
holding me back?
Is there anything specfic I should work on? Writer’s block is preventing
me from writing my book. How can I release and have the words flow?
Thank you!
Alyx had some questions from her future mother-in-law, Kendra:

Will her son Michael ever leave her house? If so when and how?
Is our family cursed? And how do we get rid of it?
Will my husband find a job and what should he be looking into for that?
Kenny (her fiance) wanted to know is their anything bad in our house or
following him?
Kendra also wants to know if her dogs spirits are here or passed on and
do they know how sorry she is about the way baby girls passed.
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