LOA Daily - Psychic Experiment #4

May 12th, 2021

We start off this week with two emails from listeners asking for some psychic advice. In both cases, Dean’s response strongly suggests a very positive outcome for both people.

Then we do another set of psychic experiments to try to stretch and strengthen our abilities to psychically detect stuff.

First, Dean makes reference to finding a random number generator on Google, so Walt does exactly that and finds that Google’s search result shows a random number generator built-in. It appears with a randomly generated number showing between 1 and 10, so Walt challenges Dean and the livestream audience to make their best guesses as to what that number is. Dean and one of the audience members guess 6. Two other guesses are 7 and 8.

And the answer is: 6!

Yup, Dean and the livestream audience member got it right! Woo hoo!

Dean also points out that we should celebrate our losses in order to help shift the vibration we normally associate with missing the mark. So we do exactly that!

We also draw two horse cards and an energy card, and once again we get a few things right, both among the co-hosts and in the livestream audience.

And for all of us who missed stuff, we use Dean’s mantra: “Mmmmmmm … Efffff it! …”

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