LOA Daily - Psychic Energy Test

March 31st, 2021

Dean and Walt did a psychic experiment over the past week. Each day at
10 AM EDT (9 AM CDT), the two took five minutes to see if they could
send/receive stuff to each other psychically.

Quite honestly, Walt was dreading today’s show because he feared that
everything was going to be a complete miss … but he was wrong about that!

Yes, about 80-90% of the stuff we focused on didn’t get through, but we
got a few hits among all of the misses!

On the first day, Walt was wondering if Dean had forgotten that at that
time we were supposed to do the experiment. At that same instant, Dean
and his wife were discussing what to do with an old grandfather clock in
their house, whether it might be time to get rid of it. So time was a
definite association between us.

Two days later, among the words Walt got were “love” and “heal”, which
turned out to be quite appropriate because Dean was having a
conversation with a friend who is a veteran, and he said those two word
described the conversation nicely.

The next day, Walt got the word “window”, and Dean was dealing with windows.

The day after was a Sunday, and Walt was making a big, late breakfast
for himself at the designated time. Shortly afterward, Dean found
himself hankering for a big old-fashioned breakfast with everything.

All-in-all, it was a fun experiment with interesting results. To his
amazement, Walt found himself wanting to improve the results by
deliberately raising vibration the next time they try an experiment.

The two are going to give some thought over the next week as to what
that experiment might be.

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