LOA Daily - Procrastination and Persistence

November 30th, 2021

Procrastination and Persistence

Louis wasn’t able to join us today, so Anne-Marie and Walt carried on
the conversation.

We started by talking about the interview we did 10 days ago with Kelly
Coulter, in which Anne-Marie let us know about her desire to develop
some kind of career or regular activity writing poetry.

With that as a framework, we explored the many ways we block ourselves
from pursuing our own dreams.

By the end of the conversation, Anne-Marie asks Walt about the blocks he
experienced when starting the podcast, and we conclude that we’ve both
been through some amazing growth over the years.

We also agree that when someone offers us a compliment or offers to buy
us lunch or whatever that we’re better off accepting it with a “thank
you” than in deflecting it!

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