LOA Daily - Prayer: The Art of Believing, by Neville Goddard, Chapter 5 concluded and Chapter 6

June 13th, 2019

Prayer: The Art of Believing, by Neville Goddard, Chapter 5 concluded and Chapter 6

More discussion this week about how Neville views and explains our ability to influence others with our “prayers,” with prayers being defined by Neville as, “the art of believing that which is denied by the sense.”

Cindie stops on a curious phrase that Neville uses: “The subject (the person we are praying to influence) has no power to resist your controlled subjective ideas of him unless the state affirmed by you to be true of him is a state he is incapable of wishing as true of another.” This is certainly an odd way of expressing his thoughts, so discussion is warranted.

His next paragraph provides some clarification plus some more confusion. It begins with the phrase, “Provided the idea is acceptable, success depends entirely on the operator not upon the subject who, like compass needles on their pivots, are quite indifferent as to what direction you choose to give them. If your fixed idea is not subjectively accept by the one toward whom it is directed, it rebounds to you from whom it came.”

The notion that the idea must be acceptable foreshadows the possibility that Neville is talking about vibration, a presumption that proves out at the end of the chapter.

But the sentence that finally brings clarity says, “The only power to reject a subjective word is to be incapable of wishing a similar state of another — to give presupposes the ability to receive.” So when he talks about being unable to wish the same state on another, what he’s really talking about is not being in a vibrational state of receiving.

While the phrasing is awkward for this day and age, I’m sure Neville thought it was necessary and appropriate for the day and age when he wrote it, some 70+ years ago.

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