LOA Daily - Prayer, The Art of Believing, by Neville Goddard, Chapter 3

May 23rd, 2019

Prayer, The Art of Believing, by Neville Goddard, Chapter 3

It has been awhile since we needed to spend more than an hour on a single chapter of one of Neville's books, but we ran into that need today.

The third chapter in the book has a lot of meat to it, and we came hungry to eat!

Neville creates an interesting use of the word "subjective" in that he pivots from use of the word in regard to a concept toward use of the word as describing personhood. It's a fascinating blurring of word boundaries. His purpose? To establish a concept of telepathy!

In essence, Neville describes a method of influencing others through the thoughts we put out about them. This is a subject that fascinates many different branches of LOA adherents. Not just Neville's followers, but also the followers of Abraham, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and many others often wrestle with the question: to what degree can we influence the thoughts, feelings, ideas, and choices of others?

He also discusses what we, today, would call the placebo effect, the ability to heal based upon belief.

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