LOA Daily - Placebo, Nocebo, and Covid-19 with Dr. Luana Colloca

May 15th, 2020

Placebo, Nocebo, and Covid-19 with Dr. Luana Colloca

We often talk here on the show about the placebo and nocebo effects.
However, it’s not every day that we get to include the perspective of a
top researcher in the field of placebo and nocebo research.

Dr. Luana Colloca, an Associate Professor and Director of the CTSA Tl1
Pre-and Postdoctoral Training Program at the University of Maryland, is
a leading researcher of the placebo and nocebo effects. She is in the
midst of doing a study regarding the roles of placebo and nocebo during
the Covid-19 epidemic, and while she couldn’t go into any details about
the study itself, she was kind enough to share her perspective and
understanding of the overall topic with our audience today.

She delivered a Ted Talk in 2018 on the topic, “Are Placebos The
Solution? Tackling The Opiod Epidemic In The Decades Ahead” in which she
argues that we need to shift our national conversation about pain.

In today’s interview, Walt tries to push the boundaries with her to see
just how far current science believes that placebos and nocebos can go.
Dr. Colloca makes it very clear that there are limits, but she also
gives us a great flavoring regarding the ways that the limits have
already been tested.

 From an LOA perspective, we believe that there are truly no limits to
the human mind’s ability to heal the human. Today, we learn how far
along that same path of insight and discovery modern medical science has
progressed. The result is a truly interesting and entertaining discussion.

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