LOA Daily - People Doing Good vs People Doing Bad

November 24th, 2020

People Doing Good vs People Doing Bad

Louis brought up this idea for a topic last week, and listener Deborah
sent in her perspective on the topic. We picked it up and ran with it
from there.

Deborah wrote:

Firstly I would say there are no good or bad people per se just people
doing “good” or “bad” things although this is also a question of
interpretation; how you would define good or bad, in this instance I
would look towards the person’s intentions as to whether they mean to
harm or do good unto another.

 From an “Abrahamster” perspective I suppose you could say that you can
only create in your own reality, and if you’re seeing another in terms
of lack & intending to do good by helping them you are in fact taking
away their power, you should hold them in your mind as whole and healthy
& fulfilled and connected to source. In this regard if you’re wanting to
“do good” in what we could term a charitable way, seeing one as lesser
than another in some way, we are in fact doing them a disservice by
taking away their power and so could be seen as doing them harm.

If someone is doing bad & their intention is to harm I guess ultimately
the only person they are harming is themselves, as you can’t create in
another’s reality. But by focusing on negativity they are doing
themselves a great disservice. As Abraham might say; the effects of the
actions of one who is very much not connected to source are meagre &
paltry compared to one who is, so I guess if the “harmee” were connected
to source the effects of the “harmer’s” actions would bounce right off them.

My understanding is that the best service you can be to others & to the
world is to maintain your highest possible vibration & that this in and
of itself will be of major benefit to all.

(By the way you mentioned people who are DOING good & people that ARE
bad. Don’t know if this is a question of semantics & you just meant
people trying to do good & people intending to do harm unto others?).

LOVED the discussion today, some very helpful pointers thank you both!
My attention was very much caught by your “opinion about not having an
opinion” – I can very much see how judging something as good or bad
creates drama & problems, how important it is to be in acceptance of
where we’re currently at and not judge situations as bad.

However surely we all have opinions on things ? This doesn’t inherently
mean that we label others who don’t share those opinions as wrong &
can’t be open or flexible.

I don’t listen live, (I live in the UK and get up at 5am) & in the
morning listen to the podcast, so I didn’t directly help manifest the
following (although if time is just a mental construct maybe I did! 😄),
but when you were talking about not having opinions I was thinking of
the very subject you proposed to talk about next week; vaccines.

Certainly especially in this current situation I can see that it’s
CRUCIAL not to be defined by your opinions or try to persuade others who
hold a different point of view as I see how divisive & corrosive that
would be & we aren’t defined by our opinions they’re ultimately just
thought forms that come and go BUT we do all have them. Do you mean that
we shouldn’t have attachment to our opinions, or that we shouldn’t label
things as good or bad OR that we shouldn’t even hold an opinion? If that
makes any sense!

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