LOA Daily - Law of Attraction with Linda Armstrong and Walt Thiessen

April 29th, 2019

Friday Afternoon Law of Attraction with Linda Armstrong and Walt Thiessen

Letting go! That's the theme of this week's show. Linda draws some cards that really stimulate discussion about a whole range of things.

We mention that Spring is the time for gardening, and Walt talks about how so many of Louise's gardening customers came back this year and how that really took the load off of her to the point where she's working half as much as she has in the past, simply because she doesn't have to keep building the business up!

The World upside down talks about severely limiting your view of things. It's a feeling of being boxed in by your old ways of doing things.

She also talks about The Garden and The Gate card. It talks about abundant prosperity and staying safe. It shows a peaceful young woman in a beautiful garden. The gate to the garden is locked, and the girl wears the key around he neck. It bodes well for financial success, but beware of staying in the seeming safe of the garden may actually be motivated by habit, fear, or the unknown.

We also talk about the signs that Spirit sends to us and how important it is to pay attention to them.

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