LOA Daily - Law of Attraction Experiment #5: The Dear Abby Principle

May 13th, 2021

The three of us report our results of last week’s “Volkswagen Jetta”
experiment, and we got stellar results!

Cindie, in particular, didn’t just get a yellow butterfly. She kept
getting them over and over again!

And Monique got her black-on-black Infinity. It wasn’t the exact model
she asked for, but we agreed that it was still a win.

Meanwhile, Walt found out that Tesla doesn’t even MAKE a beige model,
but he did see beige cars everywhere he went.

Play along at home at send us a note about what result YOU got!

Here is a link to the free Gary Craig e-book Cindie referenced during
the episode: https://www.emofree.com/images/pdf/Unseen_Therapist.v4b.pdf

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