LOA Daily - Law of Attraction Experiment #4: The Volkwagen Jetta Principle

May 6th, 2021

After sharing some listener emails about earlier experiments, followed
by a quick report from Walt and Monique about what happened when we
asked the Universe for some proof that LOA exists and operates. Monique
shares a really poignant story about how she didn’t get what she asked
for because she kept doubting that she would get it … which is
astonishing because that’s not the way she usually is about manifesting

After sharing those stories, we find ourselves talking this week about
the ways that each of us have experienced learning about LOA and about
our own styles of manifesting.

Cindie shares an absolutely remarkable story about how it took her two
years to get out of her own way to let go of a car that she needed to
sell. On the day that she finally let go, a note appeared on the car
from someone who had been driving by the car for two years trying to get
up the gumption to ask whether or not she might be willing to sell it.
The day that she finally decided to let go of it is the exact same day
that he decided to leave the note about it!!!

This LOA stuff is really, really awesome!

Then we set our intentions with the Volkswagen Jetta principle, where we
each ask the Universe to show us a certain color car or a certain object
within sequential 24 hour periods.

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