LOA Daily - Law Of Attraction Experiment #3: Send Me An Unexpected Blessing

April 22nd, 2021

Walt reports on his results from the previous week’s experiment. He
found 15 things in 48 hours to notice that really felt good!

Then Monique shares a fabulous story about how she reconnected with a
long lost friend who specializes in real estate, and suddenly she finds
herself moving back to Atlanta, GA to work with her old friend on a
regular basis!

So this week we pick up another experiment from Pam Grout, and this one
is even easier!

All we do is ask God / FP / The Universe or whatever you want to call it
to send some a blessing of some kind. We don’t specify the blessing.
It’s a surprise! Just show us something that shows us that God / FP /
The Universe actually exists.

By the way, “FP” means “field of possibilities”.

We invite all of our listeners to play along. Contact us via the free
LOA Today app with your results: https://www.loatoday.net/listen


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