LOA Daily - Law Of Attraction Experiment #2: Kind, Beautiful, Attractive Stuff

April 15th, 2021

Well, the results are in regarding the first experiment we started with
last week’s show, and they’re fantastic!

All three of us got exactly what we asked for within the prescribed 48
hour period!

Walt got his almost immediately after the conclusion of last week’s
episode. David Strickel, “The Stream Of David”, contacted him about
coming onto the show because it had been quite some time since his last
visit. Walt’s request was for a guest to unexpectedly contact him about
coming onto the show.

Cindie was looking for an old friend to contact her out of the blue.
Amazingly, not only did it happen, but she immediately discounted it as
if it “didn’t count”. It wasn’t until later in the week when she asked
herself, “Why on earth wouldn’t I count that???”

And Monique got exactly what she asked for. She had put off starting the
experiment until two days before the show. She asked for a new, paying
client, and she got it within 24 hours of asking for it!

This psyched us up to try the next experiment. So this week we’re doing
something a little different. We’re going to keep track of every time in
a 48 hour period that we see something kind, beautiful, or abundant in
our lives. The goal of this experiment is to attune us to noticing more
and more of the good stuff that happens every day in life.

We invite all of our listeners to play along. If you are so inclined,
email us the results of your experiment so that we can share it on next
Wednesday’s show! Or just contact us via the free LOA Today app:


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