LOA Daily - Kim Li Boda, Team Leader For Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Workshops

March 11th, 2020

Kim Li Boda, Team Leader For Dr. Joe Dispenza's Workshops

At Walt’s request, Dan cajoled Kim Li Boda to come onto the show today
to answer a question that Walt raised a little over a month ago on the
show. In a nutshell … why do Dr. Dispenza’s clients seem to get so much
better results than other top meditation teachers seem to get with their
clients? Is it just that Dr. Joe goes after the testimonials more? Or is
he doing something that really makes his meditation practice so much
more effective?

After much disclaiming from Dan and Kim that neither one of them are
actually Joe Dispenza, Kim shared her own experience with why it’s been
so effective in her own life.

We often talk on the show about the importance of sticking to your daily
practices for reprogramming your brain and changing your life experience
every day, and Kim’s explanation gave full-throated voice to that idea.
She meditates twice a day for 1 1/4 hours in the morning and another 1
1/4 hours in the evening in addition to concentrate on being mindful
throughout her day. Now that’s dedication to making personal change happen!

As usual, the discussion was a lot of fun and full of laughter and
mirth. Plus, Kim promised to study up on Heart/Mind information to come
back and discuss that on the show with us as well.

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