LOA Daily - Kathy Consults The Akashic Records

May 19th, 2021

What a wild and crazy trip it was to doing today’s episode!

At the last minute, Dean contacted Walt to say that he couldn’t do the
show today.

With start time upon him, Walt sat back and asked the Universe if there
was someone he knew who could step in at the last second to do the show
with him,

The answer he got was Kathy Mason.

So he reached out to her. It turned out that she had just had a
cancellation and was available.

Now we knew what the Universe was doing. Universal energy was
orchestrating all of this. All that was left was to learn why.

It turns out that Kathy, who has tremendous experience accessing the
Galactic Akashic Records, had never tried to do it for someone else,
especially in a public setting!

Today she got her chance. She used her ability to answer questions from
our listeners that had been sent in for Dean to answer.

And it turned into a phenomenal show!

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