LOA Daily - It’s A Cat’s World

February 1st, 2021

It's A Cat's World

We start off with a story from a listener about a feral cat she’s trying
to save from the frigid winter we are currently experiencing in late

Tammi wrote:

“A request for a message of peace to a cat that showed up in our yard.
We set a trap this morning. It’s so cold. We don’t want to leave him
outside another minute. Our plan is to welcome him inside to join our
other rescued cats after bringing him to the Vet to get him the medical
attention he needs and deserves. Please tell him we want to help and not
to be afraid and that he is important to us. Thank you very much.”

We share the energy as requested, but we also point out that we humans
have a tendency to read into an animal’s situation in a way that the
animal himself might not be experiencing things.

Both Linda and Walt share stories and information about cats who are
quite able to survive fierce winters.

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