LOA Daily - Introducing The Stream To Local Cable Access Audience

October 28th, 2020

We continue our daily introduction of our local cable access audience to
the concepts we discuss regularly on this podcast. Today they get their
first taste of listening to channeled message from The Stream Of David,
and as usual The Stream doesn’t disappoint.

David starts us off by sharing his own story about how he learned about
the Law of Attraction from a very young age and how over time he
ultimately came to be a channeler, much against his better judgment!

It’s a fascinating, enjoyable, and entertaining episode.

The Stream answers a question from Jim, who has previously sent in
questions for The Stream to answer.

Thank your answering my question from last week about my wife’s illness.
My question came from the belief that we create our own reality and
nothing can exist in our reality unless we are a vibrational match to
it. The answer I got from the stream lead me to change that belief.
Things can exist in our reality that we not a vibrational match to. But
they can exist as paths set out by our soul consciousness/inner being as
part of our contrasting journey and we should find a way to make peace
with and appreciate it for what we will gain from the obstacles. This
new realization has removed some resistance for me, as I was sort of in
the “new age hell” of beating myself up for what I’ve manifested. I will
do my best to relax more about my life journey, even if my wife cannot
relax about her journey. Although that probably won’t go over vey well
in our relationship! Any advice on how to navigate a relationship where
1 person is trying to relax and appreciate difficulties and the other
person is in victim mode and blaming other people for not doing enough?
This is another obstacle I’d like help with.

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