LOA Daily - Hippie Sh** - A Visit From Chief Harold Peck

January 20th, 2021

Hippie Sh** - A Visit From Chief Harold Peck

I finally achieve a goal of mine by getting Chief Harold Peck and Dean
McMurray, two ex-military guys, onto the same show to discuss “hippie
sh**”. And it was worth the wait.

We start off answering a question from Sarah, who is trying to figure
out what her passion is in life.

Then we address a really wild question from a new listener named Reaha,
who is looking for some guidance as to whether she has experienced a
kundalini awakening.

With those listener questions out of the way, Harold and Dean get down
with talking about the very large and significant shift they’re seeing
among ex-military folks taking a look at going within and loving
themselves more.

Truly inspirational!

Send in your questions for Dean to answer as The Military Medium:

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