LOA Daily - Helping With Manifesting

March 9th, 2021

Monique Scott joined us today in hopes of picking Louis’ and Ami’s
brains about astral projection.

Unfortunately, Ami had a meeting with publishers about her book, and
Louis was MIA.

How wonderful that the Universe arranged for Monique to be here to fill
in for them this week!

We answered an email from Jason that set the tone for the rest of the

“I just wanted to thank you all for giving me the motivation and know
how to continue my spiritual journey, and providing me with the compass
that is needed to navigate the ups and downs.

“I, however, have also been encountering a few setbacks that I find
myself still struggling with as time goes on.

“I watched The Secret time and time again from the time I was introduced
when I was 17 (I’m 23 now), and have followed the path of law of
attraction from what I thought was an open view of thinking and taking
appropriate action.

“I have things, major things at (My fiancé, car, small modest apartment
etc.) that I manifested without knowing.

“But I do wish for more, I want to give her the small wedding we both
desire, I wish for a newer car, stable career, and just to feel like
life is beautiful as it should be.

“I’ve tried the steps before as taught from The Secret, but it feels
like it’s harder to manifest now than it was before.

“Any advice would be very much appreciated and I thank you all for being
such great mentors in helping me.”

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