LOA Daily - Handling Holiday Stress

December 23rd, 2020

Handling Holiday Stress

David shares some of his own experiences applying TYA practices in his
own life as we discuss the various ways that people can struggle during
the holidays.

He talks about his Thanksgiving experience where his mother-in-law
criticized his gravy while she took her third helping of it.

He also tells the story about how he used to commute into San Francisco,
along with how he was so glad that he did NOT get the job of president
of the company where he worked!

There was also the story of the TYA Bootcamp client who worked on a seed
farm with some abusive co-workers. When she changed her attitude about
the co-workers, they ended up leaving, and she ended up getting hired by
a real estate company that quickly led to her becoming a millionaire!

Walt shares a story about driving into Washington, DC that also
illustrated the value of letting go of transgressors.

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