LOA Daily - Gratitude

November 20th, 2020


In anticipation of Thanksgiving and pursuant to our plan to create a
Thanksgiving “rampage of gratitude” show with the help of listeners like
you, today’s show is all about the wonder and the power of gratitude.

First, Walt shares an email of gratitude from Deborah, who wrote in a
week ago in response to a special episode we did with guest Debbie
Garcia. Here is what Deborah wrote to us:

“What a great interview! You could almost physically see the sparks of
light filled energy Debbie emanates, she’s a veritable firework of love
& appreciation. 💫

“I am massively appreciative of soaking in all these wonderful vibes LOA
Today emits, it’s like luxuriating in a bathtub filled with your
favourite bath oil 😉.

“I LOVED: “You can’t see something you’re not – you have no point of
reference” &
“We are all mirrors to each other what we’re getting is what we’re
giving”.  I so agree that the “I am that” meditation by Wayne Dyer is
really powerful.

“Also I loved Debbie’s idea of setting an alarm every hour to see what
you’re thinking, it’s so easy to let your thoughts run away with you,
quite literally, without being aware of it.

“The conversation brought up for me a recent conversation with my
partner, we were discussing how Abraham said if we knew how much we had
wanted to come into these physical bodies we would savour this
incarnated experience more, (or words to that effect).

“Andy (my partner) said that we probably only truly appreciate our lives
in the last two minutes of them when we’re taking our dying breaths. (We
both know there is no death only “croaking” but…)

“That thought has stayed with me over the last couple of weeks. It could
either be pretty depressing or uplifting and act as a reminder to
appreciate every moment. I choose the latter.

“So when I find my cork starting to sink down from the surface I will
consciously tell myself if I were gasping for my last breath right now
what wouldn’t I give to be breathing in this sweet air and reveling in
life’s adventure?

“And as Abraham would say, it helps me to milk the moment and let my
cork rise back up to the surface.

“I hope the continual comments aren’t too much! I figure as you guys put
so much into them it’s good to know how appreciated they are, and they
are … enormously.”

Thank you so much, Deborah! You are very much appreciated, too!

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Also, if you would like to contribute your own gratitudes to our
Thanksgiving gratitudes episode, click here to record a selfie video of
yourself talking about what you’re grateful for this holiday season, and
we will include your gratitudes in the episode!

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